Commercial buildings and improvements need to be designed with a realistic concern for schedule and budget.  Each owner has their own requirements TMA is very good at fitting those into the general planning department processes and building codes.  TMA will:

  • ·         Work with your schedule
  • ·         Meet your budget
  • ·         Maximize the building areas on the site
  • ·         Design an efficient building that you will be proud of
  • ·         Meet state licensing requirements if they apply
  • ·         Evaluate the cost effectiveness of the major building systems

Representative commercial projects:                                                                                                                                      


Medical offices

Dental offices

Office buildings

Planning permits


Credit union branch offices

Licensed residential care facilities for drug rehabilitation

Alzheimer's day care facilities

Alzheimer's residential care home

Juvenile residential drug rehabilitation facility

Church renovation

Artist studios


Mixed use projects

Veterinary offices

Hot yoga studios

Commercial Projects

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Butler Mixed Use

Mixed Use LEED project

CASA house

Santa Cruz Community Credit Union

Sculpture Garden at the Art and Santa Cruz History of Art and History