Ann B.

Teall is one of the finest architects in the county. He has designed several buildings for me over the last 20 years. He has designed small remodel jobs to large projects including single family homes and office buildings. He is always professional and works well with contractors, engineers and government agencies. I highly recommend Teall Messer.

Ann  Aptosv



We couldn't be happier with Teall's design! My husband and I have just completed a master bedroom/bathroom remodel with Teall as our architect. We were originally hoping to enlarge this space, but found that we would not satisfy our county's setback requirements if we did. Teall came up with a very unique design to give us the illusion of more space without adding any additional square footage. His plan included raising the ceiling and adding a unique cutout in the wall that separates the bedroom from the bathroom dressing area.  This opening frames a skylight, allowing natural light (and a view of treetops) into both rooms.  He also added a soffit (with directional can lighting) over our bed and enlarged the windows to compliment the height of the new bedroom. We are thrilled with the result!